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Pain Treatment being a new modality of Medical Science, you would always like to be in safe hands.

Dr.G.S. Anand Kumar

MD. FIPP, Interventional Pain Physician

Why Chennai Advanced Interventional Spine Pain Centre ?

Chennai Pain Centre provides excellent and dedicated service to all patients suffering from chronic pain.i.e.pain of long standing. In this clinic we treat all chronic pain conditions like head neck pain, backpain, radicular pain, head,shoulder pain, cancer pain, nerve related pain, musculoskeletal pain, joint pain, etc. The reason i.e, cause is determined and treated accordingly to have improved quality of pain or complete relief of pain. Newer modalities like image guided(C-arm,USG,Nerve Stimulator) pain procedures and all sort of pain modalities like radio frequency lesioning, percutaneous procedures for disc problems and spinal endoscopic discectomy are done in our pain clinic. Under one roof we take care of pain patients for post-op follow up and also rehabilitation, we have multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary team to take care of patients. Our centre apart from equipping with basic requirement for basic pain procedures, we also provide services with well equipped machines like ozone. generator,radio frequency for both pulsed and conventional ,vertebroplasty kit,discectomy set and also for endoscopic procedures for advanced pain procedures.I In India, between conservative and surgery the most important part lacking is interventions which can be done by minimally invasive procedures for most pain conditions,this part only few people in India are trained properly who is having a complete qualification for interventional pain, you will find the difference here in Chennai Pain Centre with qualified pain consultants. Chennai Pain Centre is now in

K.R.C Women's Health Clinic-Spine and Pain Clinic

142/64, Habibullah Road (opp to PSBB senior secondary school),
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Patient Services

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Minimum Investigations

For any medical treatment doctors and medical institutions opt for many medical investigations of a patient. Some of them may be relevant and some are unnecessary.

Great Doctors

Ours are a team of proficient doctors with proper license with wide experience in pain treatment. Our doctors take special and individual care.

Low cost

Low cost is our motto. At Chennai Pain Centre, we do not promote unnecessary medical expenses and put patients in a financial crisis.

Better result

We do not prescribe surgery or operation. For any critical operation it has its own limits.

No hospital stay

We try and release the patient as soon as he or she is fit after the treatment. We do not encourage in hospital stay.

Foreign patients

We have very special care for foreign patients and procedure cost is also very low. The present rate chart is as follows....